Make your own vocabulary quiz

There are two basic options for making your own vocabulary quiz. The differences between these two options are shown in the table below. Click the word group link when you are ready to start.

→ A recently added option is the spaced-repetition app, which includes the three main levels of vocabulary quizzed on this site: Easy, Harder, General Academic.

Option 1
Option 2
Three word groups to choose from:
One word group to choose from:
You can do 16 different quizzes and games with your chosen words.
You can do write-answer and matching quizzes only.
All words have associated definitions and example sentences
Some words have associated definitions and/or example sentences
You cannot add word sets. You must select from the existing word sets.
You can add your own word sets and/or select from the existing word sets.
You cannot add translations.
You can add translations.
You must select exactly 20 words in order to do the activities. (Or you can get the program to select 20 words for you at random.)
You can select between 5 and 100 words to quiz yourself on.
You can print, export, save and reuse word sets.
You can print, export, save and reuse word sets.
Note: The apps on this page replace older versions of the same. If you saved data in the old versions and cannot import that data into these new apps, please contact the webmaster for advice.