Phrasal verbs

This page has information about the phrasal verbs listed and quizzed on this part of the website.

The phrasal verbs listed on this website are those that, in the opinion of the webmaster, are among the most useful for English learners to learn first. Only idiomatic phrasal verbs that are likely to cause difficulties to language learners have been included.

The definition listed for each phrasal verb is generally very short and should be regarded as the first step in the learning process. The example sentences and notes are the second, more useful step in the process of understanding the verb and the contexts in which is is used.

The third step is to look at the grammatical information The grammar of phrasal verbs is complex. Many verbs can be used both transitively and intransitively. And in the case of transitive verbs, the particles may both precede and follow the object.

To fully learn the grammar of a given phrasal verb, you will need to consult a good dictionary and find authentic examples of it in actual use via an internet search.
that is listed for each verb. This indicates the transitivity of the verb and the position of the particle.

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