How to choose the correct article

This app will help you choose the correct article to place in front of the nouns you say or write.

To choose the recommended article for a noun in a given context, answer the questions below the line.

Click for a written and a video explanation of how to use this app , including important background information about the English article system. The explanation also contains a link to a video demonstration of how to use this app.

The Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English identifies each noun as count or uncount in its context. Before using this app, make sure you know whether the noun you are asking about is count or uncount. [ Note The terms countable and uncountable are also used. ]

Disclaimer: The suggested article for the noun in its context will be right in most cases. But this is an extremely complex aspect of English grammar.

So if you want corroboration for the app's suggestion, you are advised to consult a good reference work such as Swan's Practical English Usage.

Alternatively, you could submit your question to a Q&A forum such as English Language Learners.

Note: There are several interactive quizzes on article choice in the Other Grammar drop-down menu on the Grammar index.

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