How to do well in tests

This page gives ESL students advice in how to do well in tests.


There are three important things you can do to ensure success summative A summative test is a test that you take at the end of a unit or course. The purpose of the test is to tell you and the teacher how much you have learned. tests.

Firstly, you can prepare for them effectively. Secondly, you can use effective strategies during the test itself. And thirdly, after the test, you can reflect on the reasons for the grade you achieved, This is particularly important if you did less well than expected.

Preparing effectively for tests

Here are various things you can do to maximise your chances of success in the test:

Using effective test strategies

There are things you can do in the test itself to help you to get the best possible score.

Learning from tests

Whether you got a good or a bad grade in your test, it is important you learn from it so that you can do a better job next time. Here are some of the ways that you could have gone wrong. They are followed by suggestions on how you can avoid the problems in the future.


Doing well in tests depends not only on how much you know and understand about the topic of the test. It also depends on how well you prepare for the test, how well you organise your time in the test, and how well you reflect on your performance in the test.

A final thought: Test-taking is a skill. Like any other skill, if you practise it, you will become better at it.