Video lessons index

This page has links to the videos and slideshows made on various topics of English grammar.

You might first want to read a brief introduction to the grammatical terminology used in these lessons. The page also has details about the Text-To-Speech functionality used in the Slideshow lesson options.

Agreement 1

→ Learn about the topic of grammatical agreement and its terminology. The lesson has examples and causes of the agreement mistakes made by learners of English.

Agreement 2

→ Learn about the difficulties that even native speakers have with this aspect of English grammar.

Apostrophes in nouns

→ Learn where to put apostrophes in singular possessive nouns and regular/irregular plural nouns.

Apostrophes in contractions

→ Learn where to put apostrophes in noun-verb, pronoun-verb and auxiliary-not contractions.

Apostrophes for experts

→ Learn about aspects of apostrophe use that cause problems even for English-native speakers.

Apostrophes for grammar geeks

→ Learn about the semantics and ambiguity of the possessive apostrophe, as well its use in group genitives and partitives.


→ Learn the six basic rules on how to use the articles in English.


→ Learn about the different ways to express hypotheses and conditions in sentences containing if-clauses.


→ Learn what the gerund is and where it is commonly used.

Gerund and infinitive

→ Learn about the complemenation of various parts of speech with the gerund and the infinitive.

Parts of speech

→ Learn how to classify and describe the properties of the words in the English language.

Passive 1

→ Learn how to form the passive, and when to and not to use it.

Passive 2

→ Learn about some advanced features of the passive, as well as the misuse of the term.

Relative clauses 1

→ Learn the basic terminology of relative clause sentences, as well as the different types of relative pronouns and their uses.

Relative clauses 2

→ Learn advanced aspects of this grammatical topic: relative clause types, pied-piping and when the relative pronoun can be omitted.

Reported speech 1

→ Learn how to report the statements, commands and questions you hear or read. The lesson focuses on the word order of reported speech sentences.

Reported speech 2

→ Learn about the tense changes in reported speech. These changes are commonly called backshift or the sequence of tenses.

Verb Terminology 1

→ Learn about four important terms to know when studying English verb grammar: tense, aspect, mood and voice.