Teacher information about the study skills advice

This page has information for teachers about the study skills advice given to students on the Learners section of the site.

The study notes in the Learners pages are written summaries of skills-based classroom units. In most cases, students work together to answer questions about their learning strategies, and then we discuss these together in class. The written notes serve as reminders to them of the suggested ways to go about becoming more efficient learners.

For this reason, the notes may not always be explicit enough for students reading them alone without help or the chance to discuss. For example, in the notes on learning vocabulary, students are advised not to learn words that are rare or not useful. They need a lot of practice and guidance before they can successfully discriminate in this way.

If you know of any other successful language learning strategies for ESL school students that are not discussed in the notes, I'd be grateful if you could let me know via the Contact page.

Some books that I have found useful in preparing the study notes are:

  • ^ 9 ^
  • ^ 51 ^
  • ^ 61 ^