Site origin and purpose

Purpose of the site

The German materials were created as learning, practice and self-testing activities for grades 9-12 international school students in their first year of the language. There are also interactive teacher resources for the classroom.

The materials loosely follow the progression of grammar and vocabulary topics covered in the Planet 1 and Themen Aktuell courses, based on their textbooks, workbooks, listening texts and websites.


The grammar topics covered in this beginners course include the present tenses (simple and perfect) and case grammar (with the exception of indirect object dative and the possessive and prepositional genitive)


Vocabulary covers the words needed for talking about oneself and family, as well as the words used in various situations such as school, making arrangements, shopping, eating out, and vacation.


I shall be glad to hear from you if you notice any spelling or other mistakes in these pages. Please also let me know if any of the quizzes do not work correctly.