About this site

Site origin

This International School Tutors website is based on instructional materials that the webmaster originally created for ESL English as a second language students at Frankfurt International School dating from 1986.

Over time the written materials were converted into webpages and saved to the school's server. A large number of information pages and number of quizzes were subsequently added.

Site purpose

The primary focus of the site, therefore, is to help non-native English students do well in schools where English is the language of instruction. Their academic success depends on their own efforts to learn English at the same time as learning school subject content. But it also depends on the assistance of their teachers and parents, to whom two sections of the site are devoted.

Although the site was mainly primarily conceived to meet the needs of school-age ESL students, the quizzes and many of the information pages should be of interest and usefulness for all learners of English.

Other subjects on this site

The German section of the site was created to help learners in their first year of the language develop their mastery of basic grammar and vocabulary.

The pages on the mathematics part of the site were developed by a colleague at Frankfurt International School, and will be added to in due course.

Current state of the site

The original site was moved to this new URL in January 2020. The pages, some of which date back to 1996, are currently being updated to work properly and look good on the multitude of devices now available to visitors. This process should be complete by the end of 2020.

Javascript on this site

Note that all pages on the site use JavaScript for various purposes. If JavaScript is turned off, the information pages will display, but the quizzes and games will not work at all.

Page problems

If you experience a problem with any page on the site, please contact the webmaster at the address below. Please note however that some quiz and game pages cannot be updated to work sensibly on small screens.