Contribute a quiz


I shall be pleased to hear from you, if you would like to contribute a quiz for inclusion on the site.

For example, you may have a set of words that you would like to test yourself or your learners on. The same applies to exercises practising and testing a particular aspect of grammar.

How to contribute

  • Step 1: Identify a quiz type that meets your needs.
  • Step 2: Send an email to the address below, with the URL of an example of your selected quiz type. Include a brief description of the quiz.
  • Step 3: I will reply with instructions on how to set out your quiz questions. (see How to create the question set below)
  • Step 4: Send your question set as a reply to the step 3 email.
  • Step 5: I will create the quiz and notify you when it has been uploaded to the site. If you wish, somewhere on the finished page I will reference you as the creator of the quiz content.

How to create the question set

There are numerous quizzes on the site. Each of them is based on a different question set. A simple example is a matching quiz such as Young animals. The question set looks like this:


A more complex example is Past perfect. Here an extract from the question set:

I watched TV last night after I had done my homework. [ do eat work play ]#had done
I didn't go to the cinema with my friends as I had seen the film already. [ go tell see like ]#had seen
I looked for the cookies, but my sister had eaten them all! [ see write eat bake ]#had eaten

If you have a suggestion for a type of quiz that is not included on this site, I shall also be pleased to hear from you at the email address below.