Introduction to websites for English learners

This page has brief information about the contents of the Websites for English learners section of the site.

This section of the site contains pages with links to external web pages or sites with information about the topics listed below. I have chosen those pages that for the most part:

  • are written in relatively simple 'Simple' English does not contain long complex sentences or a many uncommon words. English,
  • have content suitable for English language learners in secondary schools.

There is a maximum of five links If there are fewer than five links on the page, please suggest a site on that topic that you can recommend.

Similarly, if there are already five links and you know of a different site that does better than a current one in respect of the two choice criteria, please let me know via the Contact page below.

If I agree, I will update the page accordingly.
on each topic page to avoid overwhelming English learners.

A general tip: Simple English Wikipedia is a good starting page if you have a specific topic to research, such as a particular animal or famous person.

Note: These pages were last updated in late 2020. Please let me know via the Contact page below if any of the links no longer work.