Privacy policy

What data does the site save?

This site ( neither asks for nor silently collects personal data about the visitors to its pages. No data is sent to or stored on the site's server. It does not use server logs.

This site does not use cookies. Nor does it link to third-party services that collect and store cookies. There is no advertising on the site.

A few (less than 20) pages on the site, however, do store small pieces of information within the visitor's browser, using alternative technologies called 1. local storage, 2. session storage and 3. IndexedDB. (Here you can read a Wikipedia article about these web storage options.)

1. Local storage on this site is of four types:

  • The user's best score in various language games.
  • Lists of questions already done in various quizzes, including data on whether the questions were answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • Lists of words selected by the user that can be used in multiple quiz pages.
  • A simple Boolean value which is set to false if the site visitor disables data storage.

Local storage data is persistent. It is stored indefinitely, but can be deleted manually by the site visitor.

2. Session storage is used only to facilitate site navigation. It records the site visitor's previous choice in the various complex drop-down menus. This reduces the number of clicks needed to browse through links in the sub-indexes.

Session storage data is temporary. It is automatically deleted when the visitor closes the browser tab/window.

3. IndexedDB is an object database which stores data in key/value pairs. Its only use on this site is in the spaced-repetition learning app. If you want to use the app, you need to allow the indexedDB database to be set up in the browser.

The database is persistent but can easily be deleted within the app or directly in the browser.

Which pages save data?

All pages that save local storage or session storage data in the browser are clearly identified with an S  in the top right corner. The first time you visit such a page you will be shown the following alert (or a similar one):

Note: Clicking a category below signals your consent to site-wide browser storage.

If you wish, you can disable this by first clicking here → .

You can then continue to use this page and site, but with reduced functionality.

If you disable site storage or allow it by continuing to interact with the page, you will not see the above alert in future visits to the site.

Where can I view/delete existing data and set storage options?

Click the S   on pages that store data (if allowed), and you will be taken to the following page where you can find out how to see what data has been stored by this site. You will learn how this data can be deleted and site storage disabled or reenabled.

View storage data and set storage options (the page includes a video demonstration)

Note that site storage data is browser-based. In other words, data stored by Chrome is not available for use in Firefox or any of the other browsers. The first visit to the site with a different browser results in you being shown the above alert.

Furthermore, all common browsers allow you to block site storage for every site you visit. In Chrome you can find this switch in Settings > Advanced (settings) > Site settings > Cookies and site data > Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) .


No page on this site requests, collects or stores personal data such as name, email, phone number, location, IP address or number of visits to the site. Nor does any page use third-party services that do the same or that set cookies for analytic and other purposes.