Set site storage options


By default some pages on this site use a browser storage technology to save data connected to various actions taken by the visitor to its pages. Here you can read details of the browser storage on this site in the context of the site's privacy policy.

Pages on the site that use browser storage are clearly identified by an S in the top right corner that can be clicked to show this page.

Disable/reenable site storage

If you do not wish the site to save anything to your browser's storage, you can click the following button. But please note that rejecting or disabling site storage will result in some quizzes not working properly or at all.

Note: This records your preference in a persistent Boolean value in local storage set to false.

You can reenable browser storage by clicking the button below:

View and delete existing data

You can view any data that has already been saved to your browser's storage by following the instructions in the video below:

If you want to delete all the site's browser data that currently exist, click the following button:

Note: Clicking this button deletes only the data that has been stored by pages on this site. It does not clear browser storage data that has been set when visiting pages on other web sites. You can clear all browser data in Settings > Advanced Settings > Clear browsing data on Chrome. Other browsers offer similar functionality.

There is also a setting in the common browsers where you can reject cookies or the storage on all the sites you visit.