Classroom resources

This page contains links to webpages that were created for classroom use. There are also links to exercises (Word documents) that learners can do in class or for homework.

Grammar drills

The following pages facilitate teacher drilling of verb conjugation or case grammar.

Exam preparation and answers

The next pages contain cloze items of various types. They generate student suggestions as to the missing words, phrases or sentences. The missing items can then be revealed. A few of the cloze resources below were used to review and practice aspects of grammar and vocabulary to be included in summative tests.


Note 1: The value of such cloze-type resources above is that students can see the answers as well as hearing them from the teacher or other student. In terms of new vocabulary, this dual feedback mode connects the sound of the word to its spelling.

Note 2: All the Type 4 quizzes in the Grammar and vocabulary section of this site are suitable for classroom use. They can also be downloaded as Microsoft Word worksheets.

Student worksheets

The worksheets below are organised in roughly increasing order of difficulty.

Note that clicking a worksheet link saves the file in the Downloads folder. The files are in the old .doc format. They open correctly on Windows systems with Microsoft Word installed. They may or may not be usable in other operating systems or with other word processing programs.